The existing kinds of shirts are nearly endless, whether you are a casual or classic man, the shirt immediately reveal how sophisticated is your style, in fact a stylish man minds about details, that is why when you buy a May Faber shirt you can select dozen of features.

As we have said before “elegance” is not synonymous with “formal”: we will help you discover the details that make the difference in choosing a quality and classy shirt. It ​​could therefore worthwhile to know the special features that distinguish one elegant from any.

The quality of the fabric and a welldone ironing are two very important details that emphasize even more the elegance inherent of this garment.

A plain white shirt, in particular, is the ultimate expression of refinement and elegance; it can be used with or without a tie or worn under a suit, it is a must for the groom’s outfit, perfect with a jacket or just over a pair of denim trousers. The shirt also in hues of blue, light blue or black, refines the man’s style that wears it.

Oxford woven dress shirt fabric, is made of double twisted cotton that has the advantage to get less wrinkles and not a glimpse of a possible transparency undershirt, as hairy chest or sweat stains.

The quality of a shirt is played on the details: even hidden under the jacket, the cuffs has to be seen just below the sleeve (no more than two centimeters), yet when it comes to style, they can make a difference.

The cuffs are also distinguished by the shape, which can be rounded (more elegant), cut corner (versatile) or square (more casual). The choice depends primarily on the tastes, but it can also be driven by the shirt collar: the dandy will choose, for example, rounded collar and rounded cuffs.

The first decision concerns the closure: button or cufflinks?

Traditionally, cufflinks are more indicated for elegant occasions. The cuff, in this case, is double (or “French cuff”) and requires a “jewel button.”

If in the past was destined almost exclusively to tuxedo (strictly white, with double cuffs to insert precious cufflinks, hidden button arrangement, often characterized by pleats or ruffles), today shirt with cufflinks is more versatile: you also wears less formal suit, such as blazer with slacks, and even with denim trousers and blazer. In this case, you can opt for a single cuff to match with casual cufllinks, May Faber proposes models of cufflinks in cord, metal, resin and wood.

The cuffs with simple button are generally the most widely used. Often, in tailored shirts, one can find stylistic peculiarities as the color contrast compared to the fabric of the shirt (usually coupled to the collar) which gives the style a touch of originality.

Even the collar, as the edge of the cuffs, is many times the only visible part of a shirt, therefore its importance is fundamental. Coupled with the right fabric, it makes the shirt casual or very elegant, choosing the most suitable fitting to its physical conformation and the occasion is one of the advantages that the “bespoke” guarantees, in addition to the many variants!

Long necks need to be covered with high collars, while stocky necks should wear thin collars.

Italian collar – it has straight points, ideal for formal and social occasions. Depending on the build and the type of tie you will wear, the measures and the distance from the points of this type of collar can change for a few centimeters.

French collar – Also known as “open collar” (in France instead is called “Italian”), an open model considered young and trendy. Suitable for those who want to dress formally without sacrificing the pleasure of showing off a wide tie. A pleasure that the Duke of Windsor made famous around the world: so the name Windsor note has been given from him!

Button Down – This category includes the collars that have two buttons to stop the points to the upper part of the shirt. It is a soft and casual model, used mainly by those who love the casual style. Its origin must be sought in the early last century, when one of Brooks Brothers was inspired by the uniforms of polo players to create what would become the current Button Down Collar. Any type of collar model can turn in button down, except the mandarin collar and diplomat collar.

Diplomatic collar – A model characterised by points bent outward. As the name suggests, it is indicated for very elegant occasions (it is also called “cerimony collar”) where the use of cuffs with cufflinks is a must. It is usually choosed on white shirts or ivory.

Mandarin Collar – Also called Mao collar, consisting essentially only by the Roman collar; formerly used for robes and nightgowns, then combined with tuxedo and tails, rather today is for sports and casual shirts.

There are also some current trends involving low collars due to the increasing use of tie with small knot. A low collar is however more youthful and it is easy to wear even on the most casual shirts.

The button arrangement on the front of the shirt must be considered in relation to the occasion of use. For daily use in the office, you can opt for a shirt with buttons in tone on tone, while for shirts to match with tuxedo or formal dress, it would be ideal to keep the buttons covered or in a contrasted colour compared to the colour of the shirt.

Finally choose to wear a slim fit shirt tight on the sides or a regular fit, airy and soft for the most robust body.

So now take your choice!