The tie has dominated for a long time men’s fashion, becoming the perfect accessory to show off a perfect elegant look.
But now the tie has to deal with a newcomer: the bow tie!

It first appeared in the most famous version in the XIX century in France, when the French fell in love with the handkerchief tied around the neck of Croatian mercenaries. At the time, the mercenaries had not neck button shirts, so they used a knotted handkerchief or a strip of cloth knotted as a bow around the neck.

The bow tie has been able to resist the time by updating and reshaping to remain always faithful to his rebellious spirit. There are different models and are distinguished by the material, shape and color.

Perfect accessory for every occasion, is having an increasingly big hit among the young guys and not only. This is why May Faber advises its customers who like to dress well and keep pace with the times, to follow fashion, but adapt it to their personality by wearing a bow tie, able to make any outfit unique and quirky at 100%.

Whatever your style, sporty, elegant or a mythological half-way, the bow tie is the right accessory: perfect in every occasion, suitable for all kinds.

Not only ties with particular knot therefore too rigid and often not very appealing, but the bow tie: a much smaller trendy accessory, able to give a strong touch of originality without forgo elegance. Although the most classical and not too fanciful, it gives to the outfit a that touch of panache that do not get bored!

A symbol of elegance that gives a nod to a nice originality, the bow tie, is always perfect to pair with formal suit. In fact, lovers of a sober elegance, can always count on the elegant bow tie, well that enhances the refinement, for example, of a beautiful wedding suit.




Wedding season is coming and May faber is ready to support you in choosing your wedding suit, but not only!

In fact, we decided to create a simple but fun gift idea, to ask friends or relatives to be the best men at your wedding.

The choice of best man falls normally on siblings or best friends, who for years or since childhood have shared with you the youth adventures… rewarding them with the proposal to be your wedding best man will surely make them happy and flattered, but do not stop here!

Leave them a nice gift, entertaining and, above all, useful! May Faber socks with inscription will come to your aid.

Choose from different bright colours and patterns strictly madde in Italy. You could choose a pastel or bold colour that appeals to you or to him or, if you already have a color for the details of your wedding decorations, you go for it and even ask your best man to wear these pair of socks the day of your wedding to hallmark his role!



Once upon a time there was the glorious tight, the most indicated and elegant suit for a ceremony. Nowadays, times have changed and the contemporary groom not only wants to walk down the aisle with a perfect suit, but also wear his suit again in the future, both for convenience and for budget.

Are you looking for a wedding suit that can also be worn on other occasions too?

That is possible! Just by changing accessories to renew the outfit. It is clear that this is only possible with a classic style suit, modern lines, but not overly trendy so you can show off to other ceremonies, or, why not, in important business meetings…

The three-piece suit (pants, jacket and waistcoat) in frescolana is ideal for a reusable suit. The waistcoat can be easily omitted in the following everyday use. Avoid shiny, translucent and too decorated fabrics; while the range of gray are easier to match. Considere gray from the lightest hue to anthracite or a dark blue will be perfect too.

The jacket, in general, will be single-breasted, with welt pockets or flap (never patch). In order to be reused, it is recommended two or three buttons in the front; we suggest a slim cut as it gives elegance and draw the bust. The trousers should be skinny or modeled according to the shape of the groom body in case he has some extra pounds to hide.

If you think a gray or blue suit would be too anonymous compared to the big event you are about to live, you can bet on accessories by giving a hint to your outfit. For instance the buttons can be claded with the same fabric of the bow tie or tie.

The important thing is to create a model that is able to put at ease the groom, and avoide the guests to say, “Look, it seems just out of work!”.



Today men care about style and details. They are fully aware that clothing is rarely overlooked.
That’s why in this May Faber Journal article we are giving a special mention to the ”guests”, helping you to choose carefully what to wear at a wedding party. Definitely a suit (jacket and pants), a shirt and a nice matching tie (or bow-tie).
From this you will easily get the idea that at a wedding denim is categorically banned, even if you think that your shirt matches your jacket in a “cool way”.
The outfit must not be shabby and left to the chance. Overall, looking for the right thing to wear allows you to live up to the invitation you received. It may be more or less elegant, but please don’t look messy and above all, avoid being poorly accessorised.
For the young ones, we recommend jackets with thin lapels and bright-coloured fabrics to top up a pair of cigarette trousers. A careful look at the details never hurts: your initials embroidered on the shirt or on your cufflinks.
What to avoid then? Black tie on black shirt and, unless agreed in advance with the couple, the best man and groom’s party must also pay attention that the colour of their suits are all in line with the groom’s. A simple phone call can take away the embarrassment of a difficult choice.
Good luck!