Custom-made men’s suits Milan

In the May Faber atelier of Milan you can choose and buy the tailor-made clothes of our current men’s collection. You are free to create your tailored suit, choosing jacket, pants, fabrics, inner linings and details (pockets, buttons, lapels, slits and much more) or let yourself be advised by the May Faber experience with our models suitable for every occasion (from the most classic to the most casual).

Tailored business men’s clothes

MAY FABER clothes are a product of the best Italian sartorial tradition. Wearing one of our dress will give you the timeless elegance of a garment that you can make unique.

Custom-made men’s formal wear

FABER tailored suits are a product of the best Italian tailoring tradition. Wearing one of our tailored suit will give you the timeless elegance of a garment that you can make yourself unique.

Custom-made men’s casual clothes

MAY FABER tailored suits are a product of the best Italian tailoring tradition. Wearing one of our tailored suit will give you the timeless elegance of a garment that you can make yourself unique.

A tailor-made dress for you

May Faber tailor-made men’s suits are original suits, created by hand in our tailor’s workshop. We take your measurements carefully (even at home) and we follow all the phases of creation together, to ensure you a suit that meets your expectations. May Faber creates a personalized dress with your sizes, so you can always find the size and model suitable for your shapes, from small to large sizes.

Are you looking for a formal dress, for a special evening or a business meeting? Whatever model you have in mind, you can find it or request it. We create your tailored style and customize it according to your specifications.

You are sure to buy a unique dress, because it is the result of your choices, from the fabric to the details. You can go beyond the standard and design the model you’ve always dreamed to wear. May Faber underlines the value of your character, to help you to always dress with your style and your comfort.

May Faber men’s jackets and trousers are made with high quality fabrics: fresh wool, silk, mixed wool and silk, cotton and linen. We personally work on your model, thanks to our laboratory where Italian tailors carefully sew the fabrics, buttons and details that make our tailored suits special.

May Faber manufactures handmade clothes with high quality materials, on sale starting from € 590 for ready-to-wear clothes in our store, while for tailored suits the final price is determined by the fabric chosen and through our process of co-creation of the dress you can know in advance how much it will cost once completed.

Choosing a May Faber dress is a value that lasts over time, a packaged product paying attention to every little detail. Come and visit us in the store in Milan to discover the model and the price closest to your needs and your expectations.

The May Faber men’s clothing collection you see on this page is a small part of all the combinations of jackets and trousers available. If you want to give as a gift one of our dresses or a May Faber accessory you can buy an online gift card of the cut you prefer. All gift cards can be spent directly in the store.

To create your tailored suit, during the appointment in the store we start with a series of questions about your style, your wardrobe and the occasion for which you will need the dress. Usually we make an appointment on the day and at the time most suited to you, but if you want to come to the store without an appointment we will try to welcome you immediately if our staff is free from other commitments.

After a chat about your needs and the dress you would like to wear we show you various types of fabric, suggesting you on the selection of weights depending on the season and use, as well as the choice of colors or patterns. We accompany you in the choice of garments suitable for your characteristics and measurements, to ensure the best fit and comfort.

We also offer you all the customizations of the dress, such as pockets, buttons, rounding, lapels and much more. We follow a real process of co-creation of your dress with our support, showing you some test items as examples of what we can achieve together.

After you have chosen the model, the materials and the details of your dress to complete the project we just have need to take your measurements. At this point we have everything we need to make your dress and you can pay a deposit to start packing your dress.

In our store in Milan we also have everything you need to create your complete outfit in May Faber style: shirts, coats, ties, bow ties, belts, tuxedos and many other custom-made accessories.

The dress is packed in 4 weeks from taking charge of the order and you will be notified as soon as it is ready for the test. During the test you will see if the dress fits perfectly or if there are changes to be made: May Faber customer service is always at your disposal to help you.

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Our store in Milan

You can reach the May Faber store in Milan in Via Canonica, at the corner of Via Prina 1.

Our showroom is just a few minutes walk from the nature of Parco Sempione and from the metro stations Domodossola and Gerusalemme, of line M5 (lilac).

In the May Faber store you can find all the Italian elegance and tailor-made style, the Milanese men’s fashion personalized in detail to meet your every taste.