As every year spring comes and so the Milan Design Week, one of the coolest event of the year in town.

Milan, established product design capital is ready to host its guests from all over the world. The city will exhibit the most attractive news coming up from the design field.
Not only trade fairs and exhibitions, but also exclusive events that advantage for some extra midweek evenin hangout…

For designer and architects this is a crucial week on the calendar to get new contacts or increase their popularity in the field. That you are designer, architects, or just curious you must have the correct outfit to attend the main attractive spots of the nightlife in Milan.
As we are in the undisputed capital of fashion we have to keep a high standard of style every day.

In the design field, you know, it does not require formal attire as in the finance one; but creative people love to combine simple items to cool, tailored and niche garments. For instance it is the case of the jackets or blazers, often made with textured fabrics or with extravagant pattern.

When spring arrives, clothes fabrics become lighter, keeping warm colors mixed and metched with pastel or bright colours. Who really dominates the beginning of summer and keeps you repaired to sudden temperature changes are the beloved denim shirts, to be used or buttoned over a white t-shirt. Chino trausers for midseason are mandatory and they give your outfit a casual look, whether you are around for pleasure or work opportunities.
Equally important, however, the accessory, often unique handcrafted pieces or self-produced.

For a busy working day, our advice is to opt for something chic, comfortable in casual fit but with a strong aesthetic character. You can playing with contrasting pattern and fabrics, as the secret is to overlap several layers in order to get a refined look. Try to create amazing fabric match that people can spot among garments and accessories of your outfit.
By having this casual chic style will make you able to directly join your friends after work for a drink, simply by removing or adding an item from your outfit. The richest and most balanced in the color are the layers, the most the outfit will be sophisticated and polished keeping a casual look. Last tip: try to overlap the garments by alternating dark colors to light colours, this will simplify the choice.